Hi there,

I’m a lucky little design strategist named Julie B. Davis. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a people geek. As a lifelong student of what motivates people to live, work, and behave the way they do, I’ve found that innovation is inspired by the intersection of quality information and user-centric insight. Understanding the what (data) and why (human perspective) behind the wicked challenges that bold businesses, particularly early stage startups, credibly set out to take on is the work I live to do.

In the past, I’ve centered my career around opportunities to rethink systems by breaking them down and exploring the who, what, why and how behind them. While at Brand Union, I collaborated with graphic designers, strategists, and clients to dissect and reimagine the agency’s approach to business development. At The Feast, a social innovation startup whose growth had plateaued, I helped redesign a business model by parsing data on—and interactions between—attendees, sponsors, and the company. This past summer, at Express Scripts, I worked with executive leadership to indoctrinate a human-centered mindset beyond product development and into the core of the Fortune 22 company’s operations strategy.

While serving as President of Haas ID, I set out to expose our MBA community to the power of design thinking as a business technique and innovation as a strategy, rather than a niche career goal. In doing so, I’ve honed my own understanding of not only what engages end-users but also what inspires people to broaden their perspective and meet those needs. Revenue goals and team leadership aside, my greatest successes have come from developing an ability to design systems that activate people to create a meaningful positive impact. 


xx JBD