culture design: branding agency

culture design: branding agency

"Wow, tell us how you really feel."

A top global branding agency was at the start of a defining shift, integrating the sales and marketing operations of 23 offices more effectively. This was no easy feat for a struggling strategy and design agency that was grown over 30 years, eight acquisitions, and limitless global expansion. A new business development strategy was in the works, which, through the restructured cohesive structure, offered my team had a rare opportunity to weigh in on the approach.

In my first week on the job, I turned to my colleagues to further understand the agency's culture, strengths, and pain points. As a newbie, I could ask all the silly questions without fear. What I found was that hosting segmented workshops across various functions and levels of seniority was a necessity. While we also utilized cross-functional, non-hierarchical workshops and one-on-one interviews, it was in these homogenous groups of designers or strategists or acquired hires or new hires and so on that people felt comfortable going into what they really thought. These safe spaces built trust between the business development team and every other group in the office.

So, how might an international brand strategy and design firm, align its strategy and creative teams with its new brand positioning, with its sales goals, and with each other?

Date: 2014
Client: Branding Agency
Role: Business Development Manager