service experience design: the feast

service experience design: the feast

It’s like TED meets a hackathon

The Feast started out in 2008 as a medium for people trying to build a brighter future from the bottom up. Over three October days every year in New York City, 350 leaders, artists, and experts would come together to ideate on how to solve a set of pressing global issues. At its core, The Feast was a community of bold dreamers, eager to make the world a better place.

From its humble beginnings, the annual social innovation conference had defined itself as a time, space and format for crowdsourcing solutions to society’s most wicked challenges. Over time, however, The Feast recognized two trends:

  1. Its audience had grown and transformed. More people, from all walks of life, wanted to be involved in this movement, yet The Feast only provided an outlet for the high-profile attendees of its invitation-only conference.
  2. Amazing connections were made at the conference each year, but too few of those relationships, insights, and solutions survived after the event was over.

So, how might The Feast give lasting motivation, credibility, and community to people seeking out their purpose?

Date: 2015
Client: The Feast
Role: Business Designer, Prototype Designer, Naming